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AutoBoss Car Tool Co.,Ltd
4th road of BaGua ,Futian district,shenzhen China Shenzhen Guangdong 518008 China
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Sophie Gan , Oveseas sales manager

AutoBoss Car Tool Co.,Ltd


Universal Scanner Autoboss V30

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Universal Scanner Autoboss V30

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autoboss v30

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Giving us a business chance means giving you a business chance too,right.


Contact: Sophia Gan


PRIce: 1200 USD,history best price




We are the Research & Development center and manufacturer ofauto diagnosis tools,The products main contain:BMW GT1,BMW OPS,BENZ star,autoboss V30,TACHO PRO,KEY MAKER,KEY PROGRAMMER,ect, our special product is Autoboss V30 and 4 Wheel Vehicle Aligner/Alignment





Established in 1992, AUTOBOSS are now part of the SPX group, the largest
Diagnostic Tool manufacturer in the world, suppliers to OEM,s such as Vauxhall,
Renault, Jaguar and Landrover.

Autoboss V30 are now giving you the chance to get your hands on one of the most comprehensive tools on the market for a fraction of the price of rival brands.

Here are just some of the features of the Autoboss V30

Over 40 makes covered
Uses the very latest technology in design & operation
Latest spec main processor for increased speed of operation
Full system coverage for European and Asian vehicles
Tests engine, transmission, ABS, airbag, immobilisers, body modules and many more
Read and clear fault codes, live data display, component activation, reset of adaption values, read and change ECU coding, key programming
4 channel live data graphing and recording
Simple menu driven interface for ease of use
1 universal 16 pin connector for all systems
All cables and connectors included for older vehicles
New 1Gb SD memory card (can be upgraded to 2 Gb)
PC connect via USB
Large VGA colour touch screen
Multi language
And if all this isn't enough it also includes FREE internet updates!

All this is backed up by Autoboss v30
Autoboss v30 are a licensed supplier of the Autoboss range and are based
run by a team of diagnostic experts.
So if for any reason you require any kind of backup, you'll be speaking to a , not on the other side of the world!


Brand new Autoboss V30
We want to introduce you to a new Autoboss product - Autoboss V30. This is the most advanced automotive diagnostic scanner in the world.

Meet the latest and most sophisticated vehicle diagnostic device in the world!
Autoboss V30
We are proud to present you a brand new vehicle diagnostics scanner from Autoboss (SPX). A lot of people who tried it’s predecessor called Autoboss STAR can tell you that Autoboss production is a top quality and it’s a one of the best tools for vehicle diagnosis on the market. New Autoboss V30 is the highest quality, he works quickly, accurately, and is fully compatible with even the increased amount of cars.

NOW ONLY 1500$ !
Contact us if you interesting -> BUY!

New Autoboss V30 is suitable for individual craftsmen to repair the car, and large garage. Its universality and compatibility with a number of cars is one of the key things for what it is like for many European car repair masters.

This applies to the device lifetime software updates to the system, after a year or two you do not have to pay to buy software updates.

In addition, this device has improved compared to the complete STAR device. V30 is faster with faster processor and Windows CE operating system. Everyone who saw this device draws attention to the fact that its assembly quality is very high-level, color touch-sensitive screen is high resolution, extremely precise, and even in a bright sunny environment you will avoid problems by using this device.

As usual, and V30 is compatible with almost all European, American, Japanese, Australian, Chinese, Korean cars. OBD adapter suite and additional car manufacturers standard adapters.


Live data graphic display
Full component activation
Read & change ECU coding
Setting of adaptation values
CANBUS function supported
Internet update function
HYUNDAI immobilizer
Testing report saving function
VOLKSWAGON immobilizer III
Coding of the new control modules
NISSAN idle speed self learning function
Multi-language for international market demand
Hand-held independent operation, supporting PC link


FLASH Card: SD Card, 1GB RAM: 64M
Power Supply: 8-12V (DC)   110-250V 50Hz (AC)
Operation System: Window CE
Storage: -30 ~ +90℃
Humidity: <90%
Working Temp.: -10 ~ +80℃
Dimension (mm): L630XW200XH420
Gross Weight: 9.1 kg

Autoboss V30 universal car diagnostic scanner has the following components:

1. The device – Autoboss V30 (with a color touch-screen);
2. A memory card with the software – 1GB SD (Secure Digital);
3. Touch-screen control pencil (touch pen);
4. CHERY/FIAT-3 adapter;
5. GM-12 adapter;
6. KIA-20 adapter;
7. MAZDA-17 adapter;
8. TOYOTA-17 adapter;
9. TOYOTA-20 adapter;
10. MIT-12 +16 Adapter;
11. HONDA-3 adapter;
12. BENZ-4 adapter;
13. AUDI-4 adapter;
14. NISSAN-14 adapter;
15. CITROEN-16C adapter;
16. OBDII-16 Adapter;
17. BENZ-38 (Multiplexer) adapter;
18. BMW-20 adapter;
19. BENZ-14 adapter;
20. Basic data cable (the device <-> car);
21. JUMPER (a short cable to the contacts);
22. The cables connecting the device directly from the car battery;
23. The cables connecting the device from the cigarette connector igniters;
24. COM RS232 cable;
25. Fuses 5A 30 * 6 (two units);
26. Fuses 5A 20 * 5 (two units);
27. 220V power supply / adapter;
28. SD card reader (USB);
29. A strong case for storage and transportation equipment;
30. Users manual;
31. A complete list of software;
32. Warranty sheet / certificate of quality;
33. Complete equipment list.

When you buy Autoboss diagnostic device you should check the entire components. You can check by software and equipment lists attached to the users manual.


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